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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Little Extra That Makes The Difference By Queenette Enilama

Queenette Itsemhe Enilama is a young female Nigerian and the brain behind Addvantage educational academy, a dream born out of her desire to promote, re-brand, train and coordinate the tutor industry in a more structured manner.

She is a learning facilitator and a creative educator who uses creativity to express her message to her audience. Queenette is quite passionate about teaching and also learning from the tutor’s perspective, this set her on a journey of reformation to help build, groom and mentor Home Tutors across Africa.

Her unique and exceptional approach to creating impact has earned her the title influencepeddla. She's an ebullient tutor and her strength comes alive when she has to tutor kids with special needs and learning disabilities with a core area on dyslexia.

She is currently doing a series on social media titled, Dear Tutor and I am sharing one of them titled "The little extra that makes the difference." When you choose to do something extra to add value to your person, business or services, it sets you apart from many. What is that little extra thing you are willing to give that will make the difference?

The Little Extra that Makes the Difference.

Dear Tutor,
Some of the big and trusted brands today rose to that position by offering something extra than every other person in the industry. Value added services are the extra services that are not part of the main package, but you get as a result of purchasing the main package. For instance, imagine a restaurant that offers free cleaning services for cars parked for over an hour while in the restaurant. Or a hotel that offers a free car wash for people staying for more than three nights. Now you get the picture.

Remember, creating a personal brand is about you standing out in the market and offering value added services is one sure way to that. So you want to do things that will make them want to call for you in the next school session, things that will leave a good and lasting impression of you in their minds.

You might want to get learning materials that are affordable that you think will help the child for free. Some parents may not know about these materials because they are not educators, but you introducing it for free might mark the beginning of a new learning experience for the child and culminate in the success of the child in subsequent learning endeavours. Trust me, they would not forget that and they will always mention the fact that you introduced it to them for free or paid for the first purchase.

If you have a tutee that learns better with songs, you could make a mix tape or a compilation of songs the child could always make reference to, long after you are gone. So start thinking of that extra thing you can do for your tutee, it does not have to be so big, it’s about value i.e how helpful it is going to be. Remember, for you to stand out, you have to go the extra mile. Thank you.

Queenette Enilama

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