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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Inspiring Words From Strive Masiyiwa

Zimbabwean businessman and entrepreneur, Strive Masiyiwa shared some inspiring thoughts on his page recently and I just had to share. Go here for the full post. Read excerpts below:

There is a story told in the legend of modern business about a young man who liked reading books. He would order books by mail order, but being a very avid reader he found that it took too long for the books to arrive. So what did he do? He sat down and designed a new way to get books delivered in the shortest time possible.

His process for ordering and delivering books has turned him into one of the richest people in the world. That young man is Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and he's now worth over $50bn.

Sometimes the "game changer" comes from the way you deliver your service to the customer!

As an entrepreneur, one of the keys to your success is your continuous search for something that sets you apart, even if you're in the same business as others. Some of the things that you do don't have to be technological or highly sophisticated - just different!

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