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Sunday, 29 January 2017

9jaflave FFT - Your Gift To Humanity

Today's Food For Thought - Your Gift To Humanity

We are all here for a reason and it is amazing to know that our uniqueness adds life and light to the world. Why are we here? What are we here for? What do you have to give and share with the world?

We are all treasure boxes waiting to be opened. We are all gold hidden deep in the earth waiting to be discovered. We are all diamonds in the rough waiting to shine forth. You are a gift to the world. You are a message waiting to be shared.

What is your gift to Humanity? What do you have to share with your fellow travellers? What role do you have to play on this journey? What is your gift to humanity? Discover and share who you are with the world. Live and make the world a better place. Love and impact the world deeply. What is your gift to humanity?

23 Most Inspiring People Alive

I came across this article "23 Most Inspiring People Alive" written by PowToon and I just had to share it. There are always lessons and insights in someone else's story and you could just have your 'light bulb' moment reading through their stories. Find below 3 of my favourites from the list and go here for the full article.

Nick Vujicic was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterised by the absence of all four limbs. His videos on YouTube have inspired millions and millions of people with his message to love life and live without limits. He was tormented to such an extent that at the age of 10 he attempted suicide. After years of feeling alone and worthless, he had an epiphany one day while reading an article.

He read about a disabled man who refused to let physical limitations dictate his life. At that moment, Nick says, he realized he had the ability to take control of his life. Instead of looking at everything he lacked, he decided to look at everything he could have. Now a famous author and international speaker, Nick inspires the world everyday to live a life without limits. His message is brilliantly sobering and electric.

Oprah Winfrey
Despite how most people view Oprah, she has not led an easy life. She was born into poverty in rural Mississippi to a teenage single mother. She was raped at the age of 9, because pregnant 14 and lost her son while still in infancy. But Oprah would make history in her heroic transformation to eventually become one of the most powerful women on earth.

She is a multi-billionaire and is regarded as the “Queen of Media“. Oprah has done so much in her career it’s dizzying. But the most inspiring thing she’s done is showing you that your circumstances don’t dictate your life, only your desire does.

James Franco
He’s a published poet, has a PHD from Yale, teaches film at NYU and USC, debuted in Broadway and is an Academy Award nominee. James Franco inspires because he doesn’t stop and isn’t afraid to go into new territory. He’s not expecting his poetry to be a best seller – but he published it. And just because he’s an actor doesn’t mean he can’t pursue a PHD and teach. So don’t limit your ability to be an artist – the world is your canvas.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

"Most Just Need A Little And Will Excel" - Femi Kuti

Nigerian Afrobeat Musician Femi Kuti wrote these words after sharing a photo of himself and his sister Yeni with his adopted son who graduated from the University of Lagos today.

His words: "My Son "Kwame Joseph" who I've taken care of since his JSS 2, graduated today in Unilag (he has made me very proud), he has proven to me that most just need a little & will excel."

"Most just need a little and will excel." So true!!! His words inspired this short poem.

Just a Little by Ufuoma Fijabi

Most just need a little hope to shine again.
Most just need a little care to rise again.
Most just need a little faith to dream again
Most just need a little word of inspiration to soar again
Most just need a little compassion to be lifted up again
Most just need a little love to blossom again.
Most just need a little support to excel again.
Most just need a little encouragement to live again.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

5 Ways To Get Inspired In 2017

It is time to find out who you truly are and to discover the real you. 2017 is here and in this season, you can find out who you can become. Inspiration can light our paths and challenge us in new ways and can also lead you to discover somethings you never knew about yourself.

I want your year to be purposeful and if you are in search of inspiration, Here are 5 ways to get that inspiration.

1) Travel and Explore
Take a trip, go somewhere new. The world is a beautiful place and there is no better place to draw great inspiration. Whether it's a lake, a garden or a beautiful city with great history, a country hit by a disaster, take out some time to explore and be inspired. You can visit a zoo, take a long stroll on the beach, go to a museum, explore new cultures, meet new people and have great conversations. Get a peek into someone else's world or culture and be inspired by their stories.

2) Do Something New
What is that thing you have always wanted to do? It is time to try it out. It maybe that you love to share your thoughts on certain issues, why not utilise the power of social media to air your views. Pick up those old ideas and do a review, you never know, the fire maybe reignited. Find some inspiration doing something new.

3)Learn New Stuff
Is there a skill you have always wanted to acquire? It is time to step out and do it. Inspiration can show up in the process of learning and there is always this joy that comes from discovering new depths in you. Learn a new language. Learn a new craft. Learn to play golf. Learn to swim. Learn to play chess. Learn to fix stuff. Learn new ways of doing things and stretch your imagination. Inspiration always shows up somehow.

4) Show Lots of Gratitude
I have learnt that fosters hope like gratitude. When you learn to be grateful for the little things, you will be inspired to hope for greater things. Step out of your world and show lots of gratitude.

Oprah Winfrey once said we should keep a gratitude journal. You can try it out and start writing everything you are grateful for over the next 3 months. You will amazed!!!! Be grateful for the gift of life and be inspired to dream big. Be grateful for where you are now and be inspired to hope for a greater tomorrow. Be grateful for love and be inspired to love more.

5) Give 
Give a gift. Give a prayer. Give a word of encouragement. Make someone smile again. Share someone's burden. Lift up someone from the floor of depression. Give your time and give a smile. In giving, our view of life changes and life takes on a new meaning. What are those thoughts that go on in your mind when you see the smiles on the faces of a family you blessed with a day's meal. This is your inspiration!!! Give and be inspired to change the world one step at a time.

Child Power Challenge Goes Live On February 1st

Cast your mind to your childhood and tell me what you would want your children to do differently?

What memories of  your childhood do you have? Were you adequately protected from sex predators?
What was your first exposure to sex and is that the way you would want your child/children to be introduced to sex?

Often times we wait till it is too late to do the needful and others times we assume all is well when wellness is far from the child.

From February 1, 2017 I'd be taking parents through CHILD POWER CHALLENGE which is our quest to empower our children with age appropriate sexuality education in 12 months and also foster bonds between parents and children.

This is a subscription based program and costs twenty thousand naira/annum. It is not something you'd want to miss.

I look forward to having you on board with us on this journey.
Click to register for this service.

I honour you

Bella Abidakun.

Monday, 16 January 2017

5 Things You Must Do To Get Inspired In 2017

2017 is finally here and with each new day in every new month, we all have the opportunity to make our lives meaningful. It is a 365 page book, choose to make your own story inspiring.

Some of us may ask, so how do I get inspired? How do I get motivated to start the year ? I have always believed that inspiration can be seen and felt all around us, we only need to be still and look for it. Find something or someone to inspire you this year and I am certain that you will be glad you did.

So here are 5 ways to get inspired this year:

Take out time this year to be alone. Spend some time to reflect on your life and journey so far. Shut out from all of the negativity around you. Spend a good amount of time to think clearly about your future. Think about where you are now and where you want to be. It is in those quiet moments of our lives, we receive answers to many nagging questions. When you sit still at times and just tune out from the world around you, inspiration just shows up.

The mind is a powerful tool given to us by God. Choose to use your imagination this year. Use your imagination to break limitations. Use your imagination to see possibilities. Use your imagination to enter places you never dreamt possible. Use your imagination to see solutions. Use your imagination to create. Use your imagination to see yourself the way you can be. Make up your mind this year to draw inspiration from the catalogue of possibilities in your imagination.

It is true that words are powerful whether written or spoken, and that these words have the power to influence or destroy. You can choose to draw great inspiration from the written word this year. It may be that you need some inspiration to dream again, to find purpose or to simply take action, simply get a good book on your desired subject and read through. Read the stories of great men and women and learn from their journey. You can start with a good autobiography (feel free to suggest any in the comments section). Get inspired this year reading some great books.

When you do not write down your ideas and thoughts, you simply let them slip away easily. Learn to capture the ideas and thoughts that come to you on paper this year. Have a notepad where you can write down those ideas as they come. Write down quotes that inspire you. Write down substance gotten from your thinking time. There may be times during the year when you may need some inspiration, you can then quickly go back to your notes and get that idea or word that will take you to the next level of your life.

Find and listen to an inspiring message as you start out the year. You can be greatly inspired by listening to someone else share his/her own story. You can also get motivated by listening to others speak on subjects like success, courage, failure and entrepreneurship. There are lots of resources out there for free. Go and listen and learn. Listen and grow. Listen and be empowered this year.

I am a lover of great movies and I always seek to extract lessons whenever I watch a movie. Most times between the scripts of those movies are great insights and lessons that can totally transform and liberate you. This line is from the movie Queen of Katwe, “Sometimes where you are used to is not where you belong. What you believe is where you belong.” Just imagine how motivated you can become after seeing a great movie. Find an inspiring movie this year to watch. (Feel free to share some of those movies that have inspired you in the comments section)

Ufuoma Fijab

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

9jaflave Soliloquy - I Want To Inspire You

When you are inspired, ideas are born, thoughts generate solutions, courage enters your heart, passion is revived and life takes on a new meaning. When you are inspired, you can find hope from other people's success stories, you can look boldly at your future and cast a new vision for your life. When you are inspired, faith is rekindled and something within you knows that you will make it.

I desire to inspire people with my words and my voice. I want to share with you short inspiring messages, my thoughts (soliloquy), stories of success, stories of victory and hope and of course things that would give you many reasons not to give up on life. 

I want to give you many reasons to believe in yourself again, in your dreams and in your life's vision. I believe Inspiration can birth ideas, rekindle dreams and visions, ignite passion and hope. So where and how can you find that inspiration?

This is why I blog @9jaflave. To inspire you with thoughts, words, articles, real life stories and images that will motivate, challenge, build and encourage you. This is the reason I blog. You also have the opportunity to share your story with the world and inspire others to believe. @9jaflave. It is all about Inspiration. Stay Inspired @9jaflave. Cheers!!!!

Ufuoma Fijab

Monday, 9 January 2017

5 Inspiring Quotes To Start Out 2017

Every new year gives us that opportunity to start afresh irrespective of our past mistakes and failures. I am a great believer in the power of words and how certain words have the ability to shape our thinking and future.

It is time to begin again. It is time to break down those walls and do it again. It is time to dust yourself up and make your life meaningful. Look at where you can be and those things you can achieve. It is just 9 days into the year and still many more days to do great things.

Look beyond the challenges of the past, start from where you are, create a better tomorrow, start dreaming again and always find good ways to inspire yourself.

So here are 5 inspiring quotes to start out your year with...................

Saturday, 7 January 2017

9jaflave Soliloquy - Believe In Yourself

What are your dreams and aspirations for this year? What are those things you have held close to your heart for so long? What do you want to accomplish this year? It all begins with believing in yourself.

You must begin the year with that sense of confidence in who you are and who you want to become. You must break down those walls that have held you bound for this long.
You must kill those voices in your head speaking negative thoughts to you.
You must choose to discover who you really are and the treasures buried in you.
You must believe in yourself and do those things you never thought were possible.

Start the year believing.
Believe in your abilities.
Believe in your own courage.
Believe against all odds.
Believe in hope.
Believe that you can.
Believe it is possible.
Believe in your ideas.
Believe in what you have to give.
Believe you will win.
Believe in who you are.
Believe that there is something great in you.

Ufuoma Fijab

Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year From 9jaflave

Welcome to 2017!!!! I am grateful we made it here.
Thank God for the gift of life, thank God living and thank God for being.
I believe there is so much more to do and accomplish in our lives and we must not give up.
Take out some time and reflect on your life and the things you want to do.
Think about your dreams and the path you want to walk.
Make good changes and shed off all the excesses.
Believe, be inspired, break boundaries and shine like the star that you are.

May it be a great year ahead.
May we walk impossible paths.
May our lights shine brighter.
May we draw out the treasures within us.
May our dreams come true.

Happy New Year once again.