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Monday, 12 December 2016

Jeison Aristizábal Named 2016 CNN Hero Of The Year

This young man has truly proven that disability is not a limitation!!!!!
Meet Jeison Aristizábal  from Cali, Columbia who has been named the 2016 CNN Hero of the year. The 33 year old who has defied the doctor's words to his mother that he would amount to nothing, has broken down barriers by bringing hope to other disabled children and is currently about to graduate as a lawyer.
Growing up with cerebral palsy, Jeison was determined to overcome every obstacle in his path and since 2001, his non-profit ASODISVALLE (an acronym that translates to Association of Disabled People of the Valley)  has offered a range of free services that have transformed the lives of  about 3000 young people with disabilities and their families.
While accepting his award, Jeison revealed that when he began to question God about his disability, he had an epiphany. "Today I realize God chose me to help children with disabilities and their families and build a chain of dreams. I am about to graduate as a lawyer, and I want to do more to change my country's laws."
And his words to anyone who wants to make a difference: "Sometimes when we see a big problem, we feel like we can't do something, but starting with the little things, helping fix the little things, we can transform many lives."

Source - cnn

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