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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Happy Independence day!!!!

Nigeria is 56 today and all I can say is that let us keep hope alive. Things may be tough right now, the future may look so bleak but I encourage everyone of us to stand strong and keep faith alive. It will surely get better for this great nation.

I celebrate with my fellow countrymen today and say to every citizen, keep hope alive and be the change you want to see in this nation. It has been a long walk, but I believe we will get there. I really hope our leaders get it right this time and may our change truly come.

Happy Independence Day and God bless Nigeria. Here's a poem a wrote some time ago, "The Nigeria Of My Dreams", which I am sharing again. And this is the Nigeria of my dreams......

A country where different people with diverse cultures live together in harmony.
A country where peace reigns in every nook and cranny of the land.
A country where maternal mortality will become history.
A country where quality healthcare is available for all.
A country where education of our children will be a burning passion and priority.
A country where bad roads and poor infrastructure will be a thing of the past.
A country where youths will not have to wait endlessly for gainful employment.
A country where constant electricity will become a normal thing.
A country where leaders will lead by example and character.
A country where the youth will have true role models to look up to.
A country where evil and wickedness will stop prevailing.
A country where our strength will be seen in our diversity.
A country where hard-work and true values will be celebrated.
A country where young people can dream and find true purpose.
A country where everyone will love his neighbour as himself.
A country where hope is rekindled and faith our anchor.
A country where the next generation will have inspiring life lessons to draw from.
A country where I am secure and can dream big dreams.
A country I want to be proud of and cherish forever.
This is the Nigeria of my dreams.

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