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Monday, 8 August 2016

TAP Magazine Founder - My Single Most Important Advice To Budding Entrepreneurs

Moses Mutabaruka is the founder and editor of The African Perspective (TAP) Magazine, an online and print publication whose focus is to inform, challenge and inspire the next generation of Africans. Mutabaruka's vision came alive after feeling frustrated about the way Africa and Africans were being portrayed in the western media.

His entrepreneurial journey started from a young age while living in refugee camps in the forests of Congo. Read his advice to budding entrepreneurs below and go here for his full interview.

What’s your single most important advice to entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business?
Start today! It is the only way you can test your idea and build your business knowledge. Put your big idea on paper; break it down into different parts. Then connect the dots, figure out what you can do today to reach your big goal. But beyond planning, you just have to take action, no matter how small. Taking bold and consistent action on your dream is the only way to make it a reality.

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