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Monday, 1 August 2016

Nigerian Comedian Alibaba Says Being Lazy And Waiting For Handouts Is Not Cool

Read Nigerian Comedian Alibaba's thoughts on why being lazy and waiting for handouts does no good. He navigates his own life's journey revealing the many things he did on his journey to fame.

Here are 3 lessons from this timely post. Read below:

- No knowledge is wasted.The skill he learnt paid his bills at one point in his life
- Hard work eventually pays off. There is always a reward when you choose to go out and do something honest with your hands.
- Hold on to your dreams . Life is a journey and there will be challenges, but you will surely overcome. 

Today Alibaba is a well respected citizen whose story keeps inspiring many around the world. He was fit and complete and refused to beg or wait for handouts. He took his destiny in his hands and worked his way to the top.

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