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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

CEO Of Nelly's Healthy Bakes Shares About Her Journey Into Entrepreneurship

Nelly Agbogu is the CEO of Nelly's Healthy Bakes, a business she started while in search for a solution to lose weight. She had no prior knowledge of baking but was willing to learn, putting in hours and using this powerful tool called the internet to achieve her goals.

Her story shows us courage, determination and how a challenge can birth a great idea. Go here for her full interview with WhootAfrica. Read her share about her journey into entrepreneurship below:

Can you share a little bit with Whoot Africa: Who is Nelly Agbogu, the individual and your journey with Nelly’s Healthy bakes brand?

Nelly Agbogu is a mother of 3, who wants to lose weight. The whole idea of Nelly’s started after I had my second baby, I kept getting the usual body shaming criticism from people who felt they needed to air their opinions about my weight which was really hurtful at that time. In December 2012, I started my blog to put my weight loss journey out there, first to silence my critics who felt I wasn’t doing anything about it, as well as to inspire and be inspired by others like me.

I started to share my journey, the painful moments, what I was eating and how creative I was getting with what I ate. I love to eat pastries, I wanted to change my lifestyle but I didn’t want to be miserable about it, and that’s how the healthy baking started. Even though at this point I was ordering a lot of my healthy foods from a meal planner, but I soon realised I was having allergies and uncomfortable bloating. 

After a while, I started looking for creative ways to make my own healthy foods using substitutes like oats and whole grain products. I learnt everything I now know about healthy baking from going through hours of videos and recipes from both Youtube and Google, the only difference for me was experimenting with substitute products where the recommended was unavailable locally and that was how my journey started.

So if you ask me about how I started the Nelly’s bakes brand, I would say, it started with me, my determination, zero capital, youtube and google, and a lot of friendly food tasters.

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