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Monday, 29 August 2016

How A Faulty IPod Birthed A Business

Meet Alex Fourie, a young South African entrepreneur and founder of IFix. His company, iFix, repairs apple products and has 11 shops throughout South Africa, servicing over 10 000 customers a month. 

At the age 27, Fourie had tried several start ups with little success. When his iPod got faulty and was told by experts that nothing could be done about it, he went online in search for tutorials on how to fix it. He successfully fixed it himself. He went ahead to put an advert in the local newspaper offering that same service, he was flooded with 15 calls on the first day. A business was born!!!

Fourie opened his company iFix and started fixing iPods from his university dorm room. This was in 2007. Today Alex runs a chain of stores and employs 85 people. He has since expanded his business to manufacturing mobile phone accessories which he exports into 12 countries across Africa.

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