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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

9jaflave Soliloquy - You Are Not A Tree (3)

I posted this some months back, "You can choose to remain on the same spot in your life or move over and create something beautiful out of it. You are not a tree." Go here for the full post.

If you do not like where you are at this moment in your life, move, you are not tree.
If you are still saying and not doing, move, you are not a tree.
If you are still procrastinating, disappoint procrastination and move. You are not a tree.

If you are still full of complains and blaming life for where you are, move, you are not a tree.

If you are doing nothing and waiting for handouts, move, you are not a tree.

If the world has become your pain and everyone your adversary, move, you are not a tree.

If you are still hoping and not working it out, move, you are not a tree.

If you want that change desperately, move, you are not a tree.

Only a tree remains on one spot and until you move, nothing new happens in your life.

Just move, you are not a tree.

Ufuoma Fijab

Monday, 29 August 2016

How A Faulty IPod Birthed A Business

Meet Alex Fourie, a young South African entrepreneur and founder of IFix. His company, iFix, repairs apple products and has 11 shops throughout South Africa, servicing over 10 000 customers a month. 

At the age 27, Fourie had tried several start ups with little success. When his iPod got faulty and was told by experts that nothing could be done about it, he went online in search for tutorials on how to fix it. He successfully fixed it himself. He went ahead to put an advert in the local newspaper offering that same service, he was flooded with 15 calls on the first day. A business was born!!!

Fourie opened his company iFix and started fixing iPods from his university dorm room. This was in 2007. Today Alex runs a chain of stores and employs 85 people. He has since expanded his business to manufacturing mobile phone accessories which he exports into 12 countries across Africa.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

9jaflave Soliloquy - Keep Exploring

Everyone of us has a gift. Each and everyone of us has a talent. We are all unique individuals with amazing treasures buried deep within us.

Some of us care so much, others love so deep, a few are full of compassion whilst others give so sacrificially. We are all precious gifts waiting to be revealed to the world.

I see a star in you, I see an answer in me, I see solutions in others. We are all sparkling lights waiting to light up our world.

Find out who you are, discover yourself, keep exploring and unlock the potentials in you. We are all on a journey and the world waits anxiously for your rising. Keep exploring and discover all that were born to be.

Ufuoma Fijab

Sunday, 14 August 2016

9jaflave Soliloquy - Keep Moving Forward

You are bigger and stronger than that challenge.
Keep moving forward.
You are much tougher than you know.
Keep moving forward.
You will scale this mountain.
Keep moving forward.
You will overcome these difficult times.
Keep moving forward.
You can achieve those dreams.
Keep moving forward.
You were born for this moment
Keep moving forward.
Let nothing stop you now....
Just keep moving forward.

As you begin a new week, choose to stay focused and keep that little spark of hope with you. The road maybe rough right now, things are not working out like you want it, life's tough and getting tougher by the day, choose to stay hopeful and keep moving forward. Cheers!!!!

Ufuoma Fijab

Monday, 8 August 2016

TAP Magazine Founder - My Single Most Important Advice To Budding Entrepreneurs

Moses Mutabaruka is the founder and editor of The African Perspective (TAP) Magazine, an online and print publication whose focus is to inform, challenge and inspire the next generation of Africans. Mutabaruka's vision came alive after feeling frustrated about the way Africa and Africans were being portrayed in the western media.

His entrepreneurial journey started from a young age while living in refugee camps in the forests of Congo. Read his advice to budding entrepreneurs below and go here for his full interview.

What’s your single most important advice to entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business?
Start today! It is the only way you can test your idea and build your business knowledge. Put your big idea on paper; break it down into different parts. Then connect the dots, figure out what you can do today to reach your big goal. But beyond planning, you just have to take action, no matter how small. Taking bold and consistent action on your dream is the only way to make it a reality.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Tobi Carriers - Brand New Lovely Made In Nigeria Nursing Covers

It's brand new from Tobi Carriers. You can now breastfeed your little ones with ease, anywhere, anytime with this lovely made in Nigeria nursing cover.

The breastfeeding covers are available in different colours and are also very affordable. You can also Match and Mix - Nurse your baby in a matching Tobi baby carrier.

Support Made in Nigeria products.  #Proudlynaija. For more info: Calls only- 08032340035, Whatsapp only- 07088750049, 08022785485, 07088718070, (8AM-4PM, Monday - Friday)

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

CEO Of Nelly's Healthy Bakes Shares About Her Journey Into Entrepreneurship

Nelly Agbogu is the CEO of Nelly's Healthy Bakes, a business she started while in search for a solution to lose weight. She had no prior knowledge of baking but was willing to learn, putting in hours and using this powerful tool called the internet to achieve her goals.

Her story shows us courage, determination and how a challenge can birth a great idea. Go here for her full interview with WhootAfrica. Read her share about her journey into entrepreneurship below:

Can you share a little bit with Whoot Africa: Who is Nelly Agbogu, the individual and your journey with Nelly’s Healthy bakes brand?

Nelly Agbogu is a mother of 3, who wants to lose weight. The whole idea of Nelly’s started after I had my second baby, I kept getting the usual body shaming criticism from people who felt they needed to air their opinions about my weight which was really hurtful at that time. In December 2012, I started my blog to put my weight loss journey out there, first to silence my critics who felt I wasn’t doing anything about it, as well as to inspire and be inspired by others like me.

I started to share my journey, the painful moments, what I was eating and how creative I was getting with what I ate. I love to eat pastries, I wanted to change my lifestyle but I didn’t want to be miserable about it, and that’s how the healthy baking started. Even though at this point I was ordering a lot of my healthy foods from a meal planner, but I soon realised I was having allergies and uncomfortable bloating. 

After a while, I started looking for creative ways to make my own healthy foods using substitutes like oats and whole grain products. I learnt everything I now know about healthy baking from going through hours of videos and recipes from both Youtube and Google, the only difference for me was experimenting with substitute products where the recommended was unavailable locally and that was how my journey started.

So if you ask me about how I started the Nelly’s bakes brand, I would say, it started with me, my determination, zero capital, youtube and google, and a lot of friendly food tasters.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Nigerian Comedian Alibaba Says Being Lazy And Waiting For Handouts Is Not Cool

Read Nigerian Comedian Alibaba's thoughts on why being lazy and waiting for handouts does no good. He navigates his own life's journey revealing the many things he did on his journey to fame.

Here are 3 lessons from this timely post. Read below:

- No knowledge is wasted.The skill he learnt paid his bills at one point in his life
- Hard work eventually pays off. There is always a reward when you choose to go out and do something honest with your hands.
- Hold on to your dreams . Life is a journey and there will be challenges, but you will surely overcome. 

Today Alibaba is a well respected citizen whose story keeps inspiring many around the world. He was fit and complete and refused to beg or wait for handouts. He took his destiny in his hands and worked his way to the top.

Publisher of Genevieve Magazine Betty Irabor - 'Do It Afraid'

Publisher of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor shared these inspiring words on her IG page. She says "Never be afraid to start again after starting again." Hope her words inspire you.

Happy New Month - Welcome To The Month Of August

Happy New Month Everyone!!!! Welcome to the 8th month in this wonderful year. Thank God for the journey so far. And how has your own journey been? Remember that every new day brings with it opportunities, a ray of hope, faith and courage to do those things you want to achieve.

Believe you can fly and you will.
Believe you can soar and you will.
Believe you can break barriers and you will.
Believe you can do the impossible and you will.
Believe you can do it and you will.
Believe and then spread those wings and fly as high as you can.

Have a great month. Cheers!!!! Stay inspired @9jaflave

Ufuoma Fijab