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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Thoughts From A South African Entrepreneur

Lufefe Nomjana is a 28-year-old South African entrepreneur. His company, Espinaca Innovations, runs its own bakery from a renovated shipping container and produces spinach bread, as well as other spinach-based products like muffins and sandwiches.

Nomjana started his business in 2012 with less than $3 after spotting an opportunity while volunteering at a community garden. He noticed a large supply of spinach in the garden and googled a few recipes on making spinach bread. 

Nomjana convinced a neighbour to let him use her oven and, with that, he baked his first loaf. Today he produces around 500 loaves a day, along with other baked goods, and sources his organic spinach from local farmers.

Nomjana says his story is evidence that entrepreneurs do not need huge amounts of capital to start a business. He advises other aspiring business people to first identify the resources they have at their disposal and then figure out how to use them.

“Life is about having something to give in order for you to receive. And what is it that you have? You’ve got the brains, the intellectual capital and that will actually open many doors for you. So the first capital that you need, more than money, is intellectual capital.”

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