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Sunday, 26 June 2016

CEO No Left Overs Ayodeji Megbope - 'Let No One Kill That Dream'

Ayodeji Oluyemisi Megbope, is the CEO of No Left Overs Nig. Ltd, a full scale catering outfit which started with a take-off capital of N1,000 making moin-moin (local bean cake) for her sister in-law. Today that idea has blossomed into a thriving business.

She has also evolved into a motivational speaker who has graced both local and international platforms. Read her inspiring story here. She recently shared an inspiring piece encouraging us to let no one kill our dreams. Be inspired!!!!!

I remember being in class in my primary school about 40 years ago, our class teacher had just stepped out and we were all making so much noise. Suddenly our teacher walked back into the class looking as furious as a fire breathing dragon!

“All you all know to do is to make noise, I have your composition scripts in my hands and you all performed below expectation, yes all of you except Ayo”, he said. Before making this statement, he had ordered us all to stand with our arms raised above our heads. As soon as he concluded his statement, he told me to sit down and the others to remain standing. You won't believe it, I refused to sit down.

The reason was because right behind me in class that day, were 2 girls who were bullies. I knew that if I dared sit down, they would deal with me after class. My teacher was perplexed that despite repeating himself severally, I still stood with my hands raised like a zombie.

Indeed those two girls bullied me all through my years in primary school and my academic performance was severely affected. I dreamt of becoming an orator. I dreamt of giving speeches, that was why from a young age, I paid attention to English as a subject. I remember, standing for hours in front of mirrors giving imaginary speeches and engaging in imaginary discussions, it appeared like from a very tender age, that dream was never going to come to pass!

Forty years after, the bullies have gone their way and to the glory of God, in God's time, by God's design, here I stand welcoming to the podium the First Lady of the United States of America, Mrs Michelle Obama at the just concluded United State of Women Conference!

Who says dreams don't come true? They lied!!!!!, He did it for Joseph and many more, He's doing it for me, He will do it for anyone who believes in him. That uncomfortable situation is just a phase, you will come out of it. 

Let no one kill that dream. Once you identify the dream killers, stay away from them. Remember, you will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks (Winston Churchill). Never give up on your dream, “For with God nothing shall be impossible”. 

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