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Monday, 1 February 2016

Thoughts From Nigerian Female Architect Jumoke Adenowo

Mrs Jumoke Adenowo, is a multiple award winning Nigerian female architect who was once described as a star architect by Cable News Network (CNN). She gained admission into the university at the age of 14 and graduated at the age of 19. She was gainfully employed at the age of 23, designed her 1st building and went on to establish her own firm at the age of 26. Today she stands out as a masterful architect in a male dominated profession. 

She spoke about her journey and life in a recent Punch interview,  she also shared her thoughts on Marriage, success and purpose. Read excerpts below and go here to read full story.

MARRIAGE: On the benefits of marrying the right partner, the dark-skinned business executive who recently celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary says, “My choice of spouse is a definite factor and I always say if you must marry, marry well. My husband of 20 years, Olukorede, is a treasure from God. While a lot of ladies at the time we met were more interested in the size of a guy’s bank account, I was interested in the size of my husband’s faith and vision. Saying anything else would be superfluous- many people work harder than I do, so it is just the grace of God.”

PURPOSE: Find your assignment in life and pursue it with passion, in fulfilling your assignment lies your impact and significance. I am never really excited by the past because the future is what motivates me. I see myself as an individual on a journey.

“The vision for AD and Awesome Treasures Foundation keeps evolving. What lies ahead is more important to me than what is behind. I am privileged to have discovered my purpose early and devoted myself to it, so no matter what challenge I face, I am fulfilled and I guess the day I die is when I will retire.”

PARENTING: Speaking glowingly about her dad, she adds, “I can remember the conversations I had with my dad when I was a three-year-old. Fathers are very vital to their daughters’ development; when fathers pay attention to their daughters they become more assertive and self-confident. God blessed me with extraordinary parents, which is a rare privilege and I am humbled and ever grateful.”

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