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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Nigerian Gospel Artist Frank Edwards Shares His Inspiring Story

Frank Ugochukwu Edwards is a Nigerian Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter from Enugu State. He is also the founder of record label Rocktown Records. He has several hit tracks to his credit and continues to inspire many around the world with his songs.

Frank recently shared his story at the inauguration of the Calvary Bible Church, Lekki, where he said, "I once hawked on the streets of Enugu for my mother, we were so poor that we could hardly afford to eat." Today his story is different and a collaboration with Don Moen is in the making. Be Inspired to dream, believe and never give up. Read below:

Ten years ago, I was hawking on the streets of Enugu for my mother. We were so poor that we could hardly afford to eat. But, my mother always took me to church. She always told me to serve GOD, and that is how I have lived my life. Even when it was difficult to eat, I have always lived a life of worship. That is me. That is my life! 

When I started singing, and my songs were being played everywhere, I had all kinds of offers. I was in South Africa for a program, and some promoters came to me and said, ‘Frank, your songs are so good, and we would like to promote you, take you all over the world. However, you mention JESUS too much in your songs. Replace JESUS with GOD and we can do business together’. Brethren, that offer was very tempting.

You would think, ‘What is the big deal about replacing JESUS with GOD?’ So, I called my mother, and told her about the offer. She said, ‘Don’t mind them O! Don’t do it O! Holy Ghost Fire burn all of them.’ So, I told them NO! Today, GOD has taken my music all over! It’s a beautiful thing to see white people, Americans, singing my song, Igbo songs that they don’t even know the meaning! GOD did it.

Sometime ago, we were concluding a program, and I was looking for a camera man to snap my picture with Don Moen. When eventually I got someone to take the picture, as I posed with Don, he looked at me and said, ‘Frank Edwards! It is you! I need to take this picture with you!’ And he took his phone and showed me, ‘See, I have all your songs on my phone’. We took the snapshot, and then he said, ‘Frank, I saw online that you have a studio in your home. I would like us to do a collaboration together. I’m gonna come to your house for the first recording, and you will come over to mine in U.S. for the finishing.’ 

Me, the same street boy in Enugu, doing a collabo with Don Moen. Only GOD could have made it happen. Live for GOD. "Praise Him and thank Him even when things are not as you would have loved them to be. Do this, and the change will come! Live a life of worship”

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