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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day + 14 Inspirational Thoughts On Love

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!  As you celebrate love, remember that love is about giving, whether in your words, thoughts and actions. Take time out today to appreciate your loved ones. As we give and receive love, our lives are transformed from inside out. 

Below are 14 inspirational thoughts on love by me. Enjoy and share your own thoughts about love in the comments section. Do have a love filled day.

1) Love is 2-way traffic. Love is never always about self but most times about the other person. Love is about giving and receiving, not about taking. What you desire, give it.

2) Is love enough?A question I throw at intending couples: Is love enough to keep 2 people together for the rest of their lives? Much more than love, we have to live out and cultivate the qualities of love...patience, self-control, kindness, meekness, etc. Much more than love, is truly loving....much more than the words, are the actions that follow.

3) Love is not in the roses and cakes. It is a journey of many battles and it bleeds many times on the altar of sacrifice. The love walk may not always follow the smooth path, it most times faces obstacles along the way. But how willing are you to hold on in faith to surmount these mountains. Remember in your will bleed sometimes and pay the price to win.

4 ) If we would only love, the world will be a better place. When we cease to see with the eyes of greed, deceit and selfishness, Then we will be able to appreciate and love another human being and our world will be a better place.

5 ) Love is a gift, Love is a blessing and Loving is a blessing. Not many can love but only those who choose to appreciate the beauty of this gift called love. It is always a blessing to add value to another life, it happens when you love.

6) Who do I entrust my love to and on what basis? I entrust my love to someone I have chosen to love, not because of what I would get but because I have made a choice to open my heart to love. Love is a choice.

7) Love is simple when you love the right person and complex when you don't.
To fall in love with the person of your dreams makes loving so easy. But, what if that gift of love comes in with many complications? How do you then unwrap this gift of love you have been given?

8) Love will solve most of the world's problems.
When we all find our purpose and true identity in the world, then loving our fellow man becomes easy. The world is rid of wickedness, evil and pain because we are all so busy doing what we are called to do. Called to Love

9) Let love always be your motivation to give. Let love compel you to be a blessing to your world. If you can't reach the whole world, then reach one person.

10) True love is indestructible. Sometimes you love someone so much and you have to let that one go. It hurts but deep within, the flames of love keep burning because your life became better, treasures were revealed and purpose unveiled. How then can it be destroyed when that fire keeps burning in heart forever?

11) Love lifts up, encourages, inspires and shares. Love never leaves you the same way it met you. When I love someone, I am daily inspired by that one, lifted up when I feel down, encouraged by their words and set free sharing my fears and desires. I am daily inspired by love and each day I see a better me This is Love.

12) Love is not hurting the feelings of my partner but bringing a solution to his/her deficiencies. A word aptly spoken in love sparks off courage.

13) See with the eyes of love. If God never gives up on us but keeps loving us, why then should we give up on our spouses and loved ones. We should learn to 'see' and not just 'look' with the eyes of love.

14) Love never gives up on any one, but believes the best from everyone. Love is a choice. I choose to love everyone I meet. When I can see what you are within and who you can become, then I can love you irrespective of what the world may think, because I can see what they cannot see.

Remember that love is kind, Love is patient, love is not jealous or boastful, Love is not selfish, it does not think evil or rejoice in iniquity, it hopes all things, believes all things and endures all things. If every other thing fails. Love never fails.

"It is good to speak in faith but loving words will awaken a dead soul. Faith is inspired but love inspires. Rather speak one word of faith and 100 words of love." Unknown

Ufuoma Fijabi

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