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Thursday, 25 February 2016

9jaflave Soliloquy - When People Like Ayodele Dada Are Celebrated

The University Of Lagos will on Monday graduate one of its students, Ayodele Daniel Dada  who finished from the Department of Psychology with a 5.0 CGPA, setting a record as the first person to graduate from the institution with a perfect grade score.

According to the VC, the university was glad to break another academic ground, saying the candidate showed exceptional academic prowess and scored As in all courses he took in the programme. Congratulations to Mr Dada from  9jaflave.

So here are my thoughts on the need to celebrate excellent students like Mr Ayodele Dada and many others who have slipped by unnoticed by corporations and wealthy individuals. 

Most companies in the country tend to focus a lot on entertainers, I believe they should also spread their tentacles to outstanding students in secondary and tertiary institutions, upcoming athletes including the disabled and those with special needs. Blow their trumpets and get to impact more people.

- When people like Mr Dada are celebrated the way our musicians and entertainers are celebrated and used for endorsements, you pass a positive message to the young ones that hard work, focus and academic excellence pays.

- When people like Mr Dada are used as ambassadors for major corporations, their faces and stories pushed out on TV. radio and billboards across the country, imagine how those images and stories can transform the mindset of many young people out there.

-When people like Mr Dada are celebrated, you celebrate excellence and extol the right kind of values. 

- When people like Mr Dada are celebrated, you challenge a young mind positively, you stimulate determination, you encourage someone with a low self esteem, you show the value of education and you end up imprinting the right value system  and mindset in the hearts of young people.

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