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Saturday, 30 January 2016

'Take A Chance And Jump' - Inspiring Words From Steve Harvey (Video)

This short inspiring video will definitely inspire you!!!!!
American comedian Steve Harvey spoke from his heart without even knowing the cameras were rolling.  He said 'Take a chance and jump". Identify your gifts and use them, try something new, step out in faith and bring your dreams to life. JUST JUMP!!!!!! Below are some inspiring words he spoke:

'Identify your gifts and live out those gifts. It is your gift that will make room for you in the world. You've got to take that gift and jump over that cliff.'

'When you first jump, the parachute will not open right away but it will eventually open. But you have got to jump.'

'You can play safe and stand at the edge of the cliff for life and that parachute will never open. Take a chance and never know but not until you jump.'

Before you leave this life, before you live this world. JUMP!!!!!!

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