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Friday, 29 January 2016

President Buhari's Reward To 1985 Golden Eaglets - Fulfilling Promises And Showing Appreciation

After 30 long years, the 1985 Golden Eaglets who won the U-17 FIFA World Cup in China, have finally been rewarded. President Buhari, who was then military Head of State, had promised to reward the team after winning the championship but could not keep his promise as he was overthrown in a coup.

Fast forward to 2016, our President got to fulfil his promise and appreciate the victorious 1985 Golden Eaglets. He announced N2 million for each of the players while the coaches got N1.5 million each. He said the rewards were not payments or compensations for winning laurels for the country, but a token of appreciation for the sports ambassadors’ efforts and patriotism.

In his words: “I wish to remark that today’s event is very special to me because, Almighty Allah has, in His infinite mercies and love, kept me alive to this day and granted me the privilege of being able to fulfil my promise in 1985, to reward the winners of the maiden edition of the FIFA Under-17 World Championship. The reason for the 30 years delay is well known. It is, however, sad to note that a member of the 1985 Golden Eaglets is not here with us today.”

It is actually a rare privilege and a blessing to be able to fulfil a promise made several years ago. After 30 long years, President Buhari chose to honour his words and fulfil his promise. I am very certain that it was a special moment for the President and members of that team that day. The feeling of  being appreciated usually cannot be quantified in words.

How about fulfilling some of those promises you made sometime ago? How about showing appreciation to someone who truly deserves it? Many have walked through our lives, some good, some bad, while some have made an impression so deep they must not be forgotten. Others have served and worked hard to make life fulfilling for you, remember them and show some appreciation. 

You don't have to wait for 30 years, now is the moment. Choose today to give somebody that special feeling of being appreciated and also remember to fulfil those promises made long ago. 

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