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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Who Inspires You - Nero Ogheneovo CEO Tshirt Factory Nigeria

A few days ago, I asked a question on the blog, Who Inspires YOU? I said during the course of your life, there must have been someone who inspired you to action, victory, love, faith and success, someone who drastically altered your life's journey. Is it a parent, sibling, child, boss, author or friend? Maybe a book, personality or an event in your life. Inspire us with your story.

The first person to share with us about Who Inspires Him is the CEO, Tshirt Factory Nigeria, Nero Ogheneovo. Read his thoughts below.....

Who inspires me? GOD. You look at life, you look at nature, you look at the process of existence and you cannot but be inspired. You look at the inner working...s of everyday living and cannot but marvel at such an interesting process.

You look at a bird fly, and you get inspired to invent an airplane, you look at an animal run fast on 4 legs and you get inspired to invent a car. Life in its fullness is filled with inspiration. And when I take a deeper look at what caused all we see and understand that we are part of this interesting process, I am moved, encouraged, urged ........INSPIRED to add my uniqueness to this interesting world.

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