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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Who Inspires YOU - DR Myles Monroe

Who Inspires You? A person, a Place, a book, an event or maybe your own life and achievements are a great source of inspiration to you. Fell free to share with us. I said previously I will be sharing with you who inspires me. So today I will be starting with Dr Myles Monroe. He Inspires me.

Dr Myles Monroe who passed away last year is a renowned speaker, teacher, author and educator. I find a lot of inspiration from his books. My number one amongst his books would be - The Principles and Power of Vision. He is such a wonderful writer whom you tend to follow deeply as you read, and one whose words you are likely never to easily forget. His teachings give you the same feeling, I can never get bored or tired listening to him teach. He always has something to say that sticks with you.

Even though he is no longer physically here with us, his words will continue to impact millions and generations unborn. He has been a great source of inspiration to me through his books and will definitely continue to inspire me.  I am sharing some of those inspiring words below:

"The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but living without a purpose"
" If you want to be a success, do not keep company with those who aren't going anywhere in life"
" You should live so effectively that there won't be any need for a tombstone to mark your grave because your life will be in the hearts and memories of those who could never forget you or what you did"

Ufuoma Fijab

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