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Monday, 21 December 2015

Ghanaian Female Entrepreneur Mabel Suglo - Stop Talking And Start Doing

Meet Mabel Suglo, the young Ghanaian female entrepreneur behind EcoShoes. Her company employs people with disabilities to manufacture shoes and accessories from discarded tyres and recycled materials. 

The 21 year old was named the 2015 second runner up of the Anzisha Prize, Africa’s premier award for young entrepreneurs. She also received US$12,500 cash prize. Read more about her here.

The young entrepreneur says it's not just being a big talker that counts, but being a doer. Her advice to other young entrepreneurs is to start saving as soon as possible, be patient and stay focused on their goal especially during the tough times.

“Be determined because the road to success is not smooth, it is very rough. And don’t be just a big-talker. I think one problem many of us young Africans have is we talk too much and we don’t have a lot of doers. Give it a proper try and if you fail, just pick yourself up, shake the dust off and continue to try again,” she says.

“One thing I know about most successful people is they never really got it right at the first go. They had to try over and over and over again.”

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