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Monday, 23 November 2015

Thoughts From Nigerian Female Entrepreneur Saudat Salami

Saudat Salami is the CEO and Founder of Easyshop Easycook Limited, a domestic outsource company that specializes in shopping services. Her business simply takes off the stress of shopping from those who are unable to do it themselves because of time constraints and working professionals.
Mrs Salami has been on this entrepreneurial journey for 10 years and is still waxing strong. She shared some insightful thoughts on her journey at WhootAfricarevealing that 3 qualities are needed to sustain any business, Believing in yourself, Believing In God and Believing in your purpose. Read excerpts below:

What inspires and drives you as a person, and today as an inspiration in the business world?
I am a dreamer. As far as I can remember this has been my guiding principle “To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe” Anatole France. Everything inspires me actually; if you know any of my friends they will tell you I always see a positive side to almost everything.

My driving force is about supporting people and being part of the solution. I believe there is always a solution if we look at things from various angles. When I get distracted, tired, broke and I think about my vision I get back up and keep going. The journey can be altered but never the destination.

Can you mention three qualities you think are important for longevity and sustainability of any business?
Believe in yourself, Believe in a higher power (God), Believe in your purpose.

If you had to address a room full of aspiring young business people, what are those things you would like to share with them on making the best of their lives, first as a mother, a businessperson, a successful career woman and an inspiration in the business world?
As a mother I’d say be present in the lives of your children. They grow up so fast that if you do not form that bond in their youth, you will regret it later. As a business person, find your driving force and don’t let the crowd sway you from it, always remember there is enough to go round so don’t be greedy. Get mentors in various aspects of your life but know that the ultimate decision is yours to make. 

As a successful career woman, surround yourself with people of similar goals. Career/money is not everything, your friends and support system brings meaning to whatever you are doing. If you can’t share your joy and pain with loved ones then what is the purpose of life. Finally, share yourself, be it time, knowledge or resource, learn to share for that’s the best way to receive and grow.

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