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Friday, 6 November 2015

Thoughts From South African Entrepreneur Lere Mgayiya

Lere Mgayiya is the entrepreneur behind Lere’s Shoe Shine Experience, a service that can be found in South Africa’s 3 largest airports. Mgayiya started shining shoes out of desperation, using lessons learnt from other business failures.

In his words: “I combined them all; resolving to make this business better and ensure it survives. But putting all those experiences together ended in creating a business I didn't expect could be this big,it was the lessons I had learnt before that helped me make it into what it is today.”

His advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is to be prepared to commit themselves completely to their business, even if it means facing greater risks. “If you are not invested in that business it changes the chances of success.” He however noted that 'passion and clever thinking are more important to entrepreneurs than just money'.

“Businesses are made from ideas and these come from your head and heart, it is the driving force which is generated from the love and passion for those ideas that makes it successful – it is not the money,” he emphasised. No matter how poor you are, no matter what family you come from, or class in life you come from, those 2 things you will always have. It is your brain that makes you successful and your heart that drives you.”

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