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Friday, 13 November 2015

British Singer Adele On Why Her Focus Is On Music

Grammy Award Winning British Singer, Adele recently shared her thoughts on why her focus is on music alone. Her new song 'Hello' released on Oct 23rd was bought and downloaded by more than 1 million people in the United States alone.

The singer who took a 4 year break from music wants to be known for one thing only, music. This explains why she has turned down several endorsements and deals. She truly does gives some insight into the power of focus. Focus takes out distractions and keeps you grounded.

Her words: “If I wanted to just be famous, like be a celebrity, then I wouldn't do music, because everything else I've been offered would probably make me more famous than I am just with my music. Commercials, being the face of brands, nail varnishes, shoes, bags, fashion lines, beauty ranges, hair products, being in movies, being the face of a car, designing watches, food ranges, buildings, airlines, book deals. I've been offered everything. And I don’t want to water myself down. I want to do one thing. I want to make something. I don’t want to be the face of anything."

“Everyone thinks I just disappeared, and I didn't,” she said. I just went back to real life, because I had to write an album about real life, because otherwise how can you be relatable? Her latest album '25' is set for release worldwide on November 20.

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