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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Inspiring 'Nigerian Story' Of Cool Fm Presenter Mannie

This particular post is a blast from the past, I shared it about 2 years ago but I've decided to share it again, believing it will inspire someone. It is the inspiring Nigerian story of Cool FM presenter, Mannie. It's all about his journey to getting his personal breakthrough.

Cool FM Presenter, Mannie Speaks:
Several years ago, I was through with school and stayed in Abuja with my sister. I decided not to go for the mandatory NYSC programme. My sister would have none of that and advised me against such rashness. I insisted I would not serve, but rather go to Lagos; perhaps I would find something worthwhile to do there.

Eventually, she gave in to my vague plan and offered me N3000- all she could spare. That was how I started on a seemingly hopeless journey propelled by my dreams, hopes and aspirations. I had no idea of what lay ahead. All I had was N3000 and a few personal effects which included a mini-keyboard.

I made my journey and when I got to Lagos a friend kindly offered to accommodate me for few weeks. So there I was at a friend’s place, jobless and indoors when others had gone to work. I was always on my keyboard, creating and playing tunes for my pleasure and entertainment. I had produced and stored some tunes on my keyboard while in Abuja just for the fun of it.

On a fateful day the landlord of the house where I lived came to our apartment. Incidentally the man was a big shot in the advertising field. Every day he heard melodious tunes coming from our apartment and he came to see the face behind those tunes. He asked me what I wanted to do with the tunes. I told him that they were jingles for commercials. And that is where the story of my life changed. The landlord got me my first break in which one of my tunes was used as an advert jingle. From then on, it was jingle after jingle for some of the top brands in the country. MTN was one of such brands.

Then I rented my own apartment and began to pay my bills just from making jingles. I trained half of my family from making jingles. I have moved on to other things today but my story is never complete without this chapter of my life. “Take a risk. Life is about taking risks. Get on that bus. I took a risk by getting on that bus to Lagos and in a surprising turn of events my life completely changed for good.”
OK, is this not inspiring? Cheers and share your thoughts.

PS - This story was from an interview he did on TV

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