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Saturday, 10 October 2015

You Can Be Somebody Great - Korede Bello

One of Nigeria's young and talented musicians, Korede Bello, says his latest song, 'Somebody Great', featuring Asa, is  a song he wrote, to make people visualise success in their minds and then work hard to achieve it. “You can be somebody great from nobody to somebody, you can be anything you want to be: have love for God, love for people, one love."

The song titled 'Somebody Great' was written to inspire greatness in others he says, " Before you can be somebody great, you need to first see it in your mind and you need to prophesy it to yourself, you need to say it to yourself.” 

The 19-year-old also believes that musicians have the power to turn lives around for the better. “I guess those are one of the privileges of being a musician because you can put things out there in a melodic form that can change people’s lives forever,” he said. 

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