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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Be Revolutionary And Dream Big - South African Female Entrepreneur

Maite Makgoba is the South African Female entrepreneur behind Momppy Mpoppy, a princess doll made and suited for young African girls. She received the idea while shopping for a doll for her niece. Makgoba believes this is Africa's moment and that opportunities abound to grow revolutionary businesses. Read her thoughts below:

“I mean, right now we are sitting in a position where the continent is ours. It is up to us to shape it, to direct where we want it to go. So wherever the direction, it has to be for the better of this continent.”

She attributes some of her company’s success to dreaming “crazy big” and advises other entrepreneurs to do the same. At the beginning of this year I said to my team that we are going to end up in Forbes Magazine. And we did it. “You have to think really big because that is how you challenge yourself. The bigger the dream, the more drive you put behind it.”

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