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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Comedienne Lepacious Bose On Her Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Nigerian female comedienne, Lepacious Bose recently shared a before/recent picture of herself revealing her incredible weight loss. Some people on seeing how much weight she lost quickly said she had surgery. But she has revealed that it was a journey she began 2 years ago after her teenage nephew, Simi sounded a wake-up call. Her will, courage, patience and determination is eventually paying off.

Her words: These days I just love taking pictures, it’s amazing how far I have come from acting like I love the camera, and actually loving it. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, make a choice, start today, a little walk, a little exercise, a conscious healthier eating habit….it all comes together slowly but surely, you too can loose that weight, let’s enjoy this journey together. Almost 2yrs on this journey and I can’t stop smiling. #lovinglife#.

About 3 years ago, while on holiday in Namibia with my brother's family, I was taking an afternoon nap, Simi, my nephew came in and touched me gently, almost like a doctor would do. He touched my forehead and asked softly, aunty Bos (not aunty Bose lol) are you OK? I said yes, he said are you sure and I gave him the what do you mean look, still sleepy. Then he said what jumped into my brain like a bomb explosion. He said,  "You were breathing funny in your sleep, I got scared, thought you heart was going to stop, I got scared, that is why I came to check if you are alright."

In a very humble voice I told him I was fine, then I sat up, thought about it, his dad (my brother) had always hated me being big, we fought constantly about it, that I was sure he hated me, now I know better, lol. He loved me too much to watch me let myself go like I was doing, but I didn’t get it.

As successful as the brand Lepacious Bose was, my brother didn't think fat was something to be proud of, my parents worried, yet they loved me. My sister-in-law was the Diplomat, she wanted me to loose the weight but if you love yourself then I love you, cause I see you and not the fat. Lol

“Anyway, back to Simi,” she penned down, “Simi reached where his dad, my parents, his mum, family and friends could not reach. He was not judging me, he loved me and was scared of loosing me. Oh it touched me, I wept hard, but for the first time in all my years of being fat, I wept at what should have been and having absolutely no clue how to help myself yet I knew I needed help."
“I have cried all my life about my weight, but usually, they were tears of shame and humiliation. This time, my tears were of anger against this fat, of frustration because I didn’t know what to do and of desperation. I knelt down on the floor that cold winter day and I prayed, oh how I wept and prayed, I kept telling God, help me, I can’t help myself, I need you, am dying from depression, am tired of acting to the world about this weight when I hate it so much.”

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