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Sunday, 25 October 2015

9jaflave Soliloquy - A New Day To Start All Over Again

So here comes another week with fresh opportunities, ideas and its own challenges, the year also gradually coming to an end. You look back and still feel empty, no achievements, no accomplishments and nothing worth celebrating.

You may have started and it did not work out, you may have given your best shot and still nothing to show for it. You still seem to be at a crossroad in your life, with no clue of how and where to start from. It's a new day and new opportunities abound and new ideas are born.

'What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us isn't as important as what lies within us.' Treasures abound in us, it only takes believing in yourself and choosing to never give up. Life will beat you hard, challenges will test your limits, your dreams will look like they can't be realized. It's a new day and new doors are open.

You are alive and have your sanity intact. Today presents you with another opportunity to start again. A new day is here to try again, to create again, to rise again and to believe again.

Just take a deep breath and start all over again. It's a new day and it definitely has pleasant things for you. Do have a great week ahead and stay inspired@9jaflave. Cheers!!!!!!

Ufuoma Fijab

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