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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

These 2 Young Nigerian Tech Entrepreneurs Will Inspire You

Here are 2 young Nigerian students who are using the power of ICT to meet specific needs, solve problems in the society and also build a budding business. The 22 year old tech entrepreneurs have been able to think outside the box and start their own businesses. Read below

Meet Chris Kwekowe, the 22 year old founder of Slatecube, an innovative e-learning platform which he started last year. The tech start-up enables users to study at their convenience through free and paid-for online courses, build technology products and connect with opportunities to put their new skills to use.

In his words: I believe Education and Learning should be about developing skills that help tackle real-life challenges. It should be engaging, collaborative, industry-relevant, practice driven, and directed towards providing solutions to our everyday problems. I started thinking about a way forward. A way around the problem. 

That’s when an idea struck me. What if we could revolutionise education to reduce the amount of people who lacked jobs by leveraging online courses and virtual internship programs as tools to properly balance knowledge with skill acquisition, in order to promote a society that has individuals with skills to tackle its challenges, and eventually create value for them for doing so?

According to Kwekowe, nearly 200 individuals are already using the service to take online courses, read new books, and serve virtual internships. Slatecube was also one of 50 start-ups selected internationally to attend the 2015 MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, recently held in Cambridge, US.

Meet Andrew Airelobhegbe, 22 year old Computer engineering student and co-founder of ogaVenue, an online venue booking service for conferences and events in Nigeria.The portal was launched early this year and centralises relevant information such as availability of venues. It provides venue owners and managers a space to list and market their venues, as well as a portal for event organisers to search and find their ideal setting.

According to Airelobhegbe, within the first few months the company was already receiving over 60 requests a week regarding venue bookings and listings. “Within the first week of launch we got a lot of media coverage from both local and international media companies… and we haven’t spent a dime on advertisements,” he says.

His goal is to extend the service beyond the Nigerian market to serve other sub-Saharan African countries as well.

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