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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

9jaflave Soliloquy - Purpose Is The Reason We Journey

Life's a journey and we are all co-travellers. My journey is not your journey and my destination is definitely not your destination. Purpose is the reason we journey in this thing called 'Life', and until we find purpose, life feels empty and lacks fulfilment.

But when we find purpose, we are motivated, inspired and challenged. Purpose births courage and determination. It leads to self discovery and renewal. And until we find our purpose, our life's journey seems like a walk in futility.

Discovering your purpose births passion, and that passion lights up your path. It is amazing how passionate you can become when you discover who you truly are. So look within you and find out what really makes the difference in your being alive.

Purpose is the reason we journey and our lives lack meaning without it. Find your life's purpose, your reason for being here, and when you do, passion will be ignited to light up your path. Cheers!!!!! and keep being inspired @9jaflave.

Ufuoma Fijab

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