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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Bill Clinton Speaks About Wife Hillary, Says I Trust Her With My Life

Former US President Bill Clinton  has opened up about his relationship with his wife Hillary, who is currently running for President in 2016. "Whenever I had trouble, she was a rock in our family," he said during an emotional interview with CNN's Jake Tapper. "I trust her with my life, and have on more than one occasion," he said, describing his wife as someone who helped him through some of the most trying times of his life.

Clinton also described how his wife helped him through years "plagued with self-doubt" in his late 20s and offered him someone to not only lean on, but to help guide him through perilous moments in his career.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were married in 1975 after meeting at Yale University. Their relationship has been publicly tested a number of times, including during Bill Clinton's public impeachment trial and his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. "The most difficult decisions I have made in my life were to stay married to Bill and to run for the Senate from New York,''  Hillary Clinton wrote about the Lewinsky affair in "Living History," her first memoir.

Clinton reflected on their 40 years of marriage in his interview with Tapper. "We built a life together based on the things we cared about, the things that we loved," he said. "We were blessed with a daughter who turned out pretty well I would say. We have been very blessed."

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