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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Tope Williams-Adewunmi On Quitting Her Job At KPMG To Becoming A Fashion Entrepreneur

Meet Nigeria's Tope Williams-Adewumi, a fashion entrepreneur, trainer and motivational speaker.
She is the CEO of Martwayne, a fashion retail and training outfit that is all about giving people ‘power through fashion’.  She has a BSc in Economics from the Obafemi Awolowo University, and a BA in Fashion Design from Future Excellence Design Institute of South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa coupled with a Higher Diploma in Management from the Australian Business and Retail Academy.

Mrs Adewunmi resigned from a promising career in KPMG to attend fashion school, a decision which eventually paid off, with her being awarded the 2010 Exquisite Lady of the Year (ELOY) Award for Best Designer (Newcomer). Read about her decision to go into fashion and advice to upcoming entrepreneurs below:

What informed your decision to go into fashion?
I got sick and tired of my tailor always wrecking my clothes and I told her I would go and learn how to sew so I could come back to teach her! That was it! No it was never the story of “Oh I had always loved sketching when I was a child… Blah blah…” In fact I could not draw a straight line without a ruler or even thread a sewing machine when I went to fashion school. I learnt everything from scratch – including the creative aspect!

I made the decision to go into fashion in November 2005 but eventually left for fashion school in February 2007 for 3 long years! Yes I went back for an undergraduate degree program in Fashion Design in Cape Town – a place where I did not know a soul. Fashion school was tough and living in a strange city was tougher and sometimes I wanted to pack it in. After all, my boss at work said I could always return if I felt fashion was not for me but well, I stuck to it!

Your advice for upcoming entrepreneurs
For those who are at crossroads or who are thinking of what to do, I can tell you for free that you will find out what you will do and enjoy doing by accident! It is not about looking at what someone else is doing but it comes from within you with God’s guidance.

And when you find that thing, don’t just jump into it. Do a lot of research and get the relevant knowledge required to excel in that field! I can list like 20 opportunities in the fashion industry other than sewing – in fact I don’t sew and I am still in the industry! The best part is I do a lot with my fashion knowledge and play in both the fashion industry and the business community. How?! Because I invested 3 years of my life getting the knowledge so I thoroughly understand the industry!

Source - multicreativeme

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