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Friday, 1 May 2015

Thoughts From A Young Ugandan Entrepreneur Who Started His Business At 14

Ugandan entrepreneur Noah Walakira was aged 14 when he started his own business, Namirembe Sweater Makers, an organization that started off by manufacturing knitted jerseys for schools, but today employs around 20 people in his community and has diversified to manufacturing various uniforms for schools in Uganda, as well as for other organizations such as security companies.

The 23 year old, has put himself and other young employees through school with the earnings from his business. He is also an Anzisha prize finalist. Below are some thoughts shared by this young entrepreneur.

“Let your vision and passion drive you,” advises Walakira, adding that without these two elements, young entrepreneurs will not be able to persist when facing the overwhelming number of challenges."

“If you do not love what you are doing, then go back to the drawing board and find something you do love.”

“Follow that small voice that is talking to you inside of your heart, and listen to it with your mind, but critically. It will help you make the right decisions.”

“I’ve learnt to listen to my intuition. And it has helped me make better decisions around managing people and my business."

Source - howwemadeitinafrica

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