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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Tennis Star Maria Sharapova Pays Tribute To Her Mother

Tennis Star and 4-time Grand Slam Winner, Maria Sharapova has paid tribute to her mother, Yelena. She revealed that, though she spent much of her earlier years training alongside her tennis coach dad, she relished the opportunities that she had to experience alongside her mother. 'I spent a lot of time playing tennis when I was growing up and I was always around my father so I think my mother’s biggest commitment was making sure I’d finished all of my homework on time and making sure I pursued my education,' 

She also gives credit to her mother for opening her eyes to a totally different world outside of being an athlete. 'She has shaped me in so many ways, from raising me, guiding me in the right direction, opening my eyes to the world around me and exploring it with me.'

And while her father Yuri may have helped to turn her into the successful athlete she is today, Maria adds that it was her mother, Yelena, who helped her to achieve the kind of mental toughness and discipline required in order to survive as a professional athlete. 'Discipline allows you to set clear goals, and diligently follow a plan for achieving them.' This is something my mother taught me and it is true no matter what industry you are in.

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