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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day + 3 Reasons Why Mothers Are Special

Happy Mothers Day to my mum and every mother around the world. You are all so special!!!!!!!!!

3 reasons why I personally believe mothers are special. 

1) If you are alive and breathing today, it is only because your mother became a willing vessel to carry and nurture you inside her, she laboured to bring you forth in pain and great endurance. She carried you in her arms, nurtured you at her breasts, filled you with great warmth and comfort and has walked you through different seasons of life. This makes her special.

2) If you have ever felt strength in those low moments of your life, if you have always found courage to move on despite impossibilities, if you have found hope in the darkest seasons of your life, then your mother or a mother somewhere is the reason. Her children are her joy and pride, they are her future and legacy, she is willing to burn the midnight oil in prayer for their success, she travails and intercedes on their behalf throughout her lifetime. This makes her special

3) Mothers care for you and love you unconditionally. Many children stray and have brought great heartache to their families, yet a mother never gives up. She always believes and holds on in faith for the lives of her children. She stands strong loving a disabled child passionately, she gives warmth and counsel to a straying child, she holds and comforts you in your trying times. She believes in your dreams and abilities and blesses you always from the depth of her heart. This makes her very special.

Mothers are worth celebrating not just once but everyday in our lives. Their actions and commitment are priceless, their strength and courage are lessons for our own life's journey. Their prayers and words of counsel are worth keeping to heart. Their victory is when we are successful, when we find purpose and when we are impacting the lives of our own children and others positively.

Ufuoma Fijab

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