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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Happy Children's Day + My Thoughts On Why Children Matter

I know this is coming in late.....but I wouldn't let the day end without wishing all children around the world..Happy Children's day. To mine and all the wonderful children linked to me, I say you are special and your presence in the world makes it a better place. You are truly blessed.

My thoughts on why Children Matter....
- Children are the future and are those who will give value to and impact the next generation.
- Children are the seeds we as parents, individuals and a nation have the privilege to tend and nurture into plants that will bear life giving fruits.

- Children put laughter and hope in our hearts and life, their innocence and sincere outlook at life make great lessons for living.
- Children are special and should never be treated less than that. They are the ones through which we can leave lasting legacies and imprint values so strong the world can not but notice them.

This is why they matter, they should be given that opportunity at life and living.Give them an education, give them good healthcare, give them shelter, give them clothes on their back, give them food on their table, give them a secure home and environment to live, give them laughter and hope, give them a future to believe in, give them a family to call their own, give them faith to believe in themselves, give them values that will live beyond them, give them love unconditional, show them that they truly matter. Happy Children's Day. You are all special!!!! XOXO

Ufuoma Fijab

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