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Sunday, 24 May 2015

9jaflave Soliloquy - Be Willing To Do Something That Will Live Forever

Ever wondered why you are on this earth, living, breathing and loving life? There must be a definite reason for our very existence. Are we just here to fill up space and add up numbers to the world's population? I wonder myself many times.....

Life is more than just existing, it is about giving and leaving behind a lasting legacy. Our goal really is not to live forever for we will surely pass away someday. So now in this moment, time, space and season, how can we leave behind something that will live on forever. Think about it.

What will you be remembered for? What impact will you make in this moment you have? How many generations will be influenced by your choices?  How much will the world benefit from the rich deposits of gifts, talents, abilities and treasures that lie deep within you? Are you willing to do something that will live on forever, long after you are gone? Remember living is more than existing and life is all about giving.

Cheers!!!! Have a wonderful and fulfilling week ahead.

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