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Thursday, 28 May 2015

9jaflave Solililoquy - I Choose To Remain Hopeful

As a new dawn begins tomorrow in Nigeria, I choose to remain hopeful and believe in a great future for my dear country.

As the baton of change is handed over tomorrow to Muhammed Buhari and Yemi Osibanjo, and the new mantle of leadership takes over the affairs of our nation, I choose to remain hopeful that things will be different in my generation and that of my children.

As we herald in a new government and a new set of leaders on board to take charge of the affairs of this country, I choose to remain hopeful that a new era has come and change will truly be seen.

As we welcome our new president and vice-president, with hopes and expectations so high, I choose to remain hopeful that our faith and trust in their leadership will indeed be worth it.

As Nigeria with its many challenges and broken dreams step into another season and opportunity to take its place in the world, I choose to remain hopeful that its citizens will feel a new surge of hope and energy within, that our minds will be renewed and orientation changed, that we will feel a sense of purpose and renewed vision.

That we will be patient with our new leaders and join them in rebuilding our country. That we will begin to see what we can be and how we can be part of that change we all clamoured for. That we will all play our part as individuals, as families, as organisations, as entrepreneurs and as citizens. I still choose to remain hopeful.

Ufuoma Fijab

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