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Sunday, 19 April 2015

How One Man's Simple Idea Is Changing The Lives Of Less Privileged Children

Kenton Lee is the inventor of  'The Shoe that Grows", his shoes which grows 5 sizes in 5 years is adding value and comfort to the lives of many less privileged children around the world. Lee came up with this simple idea while working at an orphanage in Kenya, when he noticed a little girl with the ends of her shoes cut off and her toes sticking out.

The shoe which grows 5 sizes in 5 years is made out of a high quality soft leather on top, and extremely durable rubber soles. They expand through a simple system of buckles, snaps, and pegs. and are predicted to last a minimum of 5 years, and expand 5 sizes in that time.

In his words: “I had no idea how important shoes were before I went to Kenya,” But kids, especially in urban areas, can get infections from cuts and scrapes on their feet from going barefoot, and contract diseases that cause them to miss school.” So far about 2,500 children across 7 countries are wearing the shoes, including in Ghana, Haiti, Peru, Colombia, and Kenya.

The 30-year-old, who started a church in Idaho with his wife, said  he wanted to put these kids in the best possible position to succeed in their lives.“If I can provide a kid with protection so they stay healthy and keep going to school, I’ll have done my part.”  

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