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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Artist Transforms A Banana Into A Fish Carcass

Dutch artist Stephan Brusche is the man behind some very creative images carved out from a simple Banana. The 37-year-old graphic designer transforms bananas into iconic characters such as Homer Simpson, animals and artworks using a ballpoint pen. He now has about 15,000 followers on Instagram. His creative designs has also led to the release his very first book, Fruitdoodles, a compilation of his initial 50 creations.

His amazing journey began in the office, while wanting to post something on Instagram. With a lack of stimulus he turned to his banana snack for inspiration and drew a face on the fruit. He said: 'I took a ballpoint pen and just started drawing. I was pretty amazed how pleasant a banana peel is to draw on.' Once he had mastered using a banana skin as a canvas Stephan began to experiment with more ambitious projects.

He continued: 'After that I tried to come up with new ideas for drawings while using the shape of the banana in all kinds of clever ways. 'Trying to keep pushing myself I eventually started to carve in the banana peel as well' . For him he says his works simply shows the things he cares about or likes the most. He is simply having fun and bringing to life whatever pops into his head when he looks at a banana.

Source - DailyMail

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