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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Meet The Entrepreneur Who Left Poland To Start a Business In Nigeria

Meet Marek Zmyslowski, MD of Jovago, popular online hotel booking site in Africa. He is a young entrepreneur who took a big risk by leaving his home country Poland to start an online business in Nigeria, a risk that eventually paid off.
Today is a popular online hotel booking platform, with over 15,000 hotels listed across the continent and more than 200,000 worldwide. The company now has offices in Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal and Pakistan. He recently shared about his entrepreneurial journey and why entrepreneurs must never give up in pursuit of their success. Read below:

It all started when he decided earlier in his career that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. “Whenever an entrepreneur hopes to start an idea, he thinks about solving his own problems. That’s mainly how it works. So I built a dating website. And in 6 months I had failed tremendously, in a spectacular way.”However, despite the failure, he realised he still wanted to be an entrepreneur in the online space. And although he was broke, he decided not to give up and started searching for investors for his next big idea.

“I remember it clearly like it was yesterday. I was going to a conference hoping to pitch my idea and didn't have money for my train ticket. I was actually sitting in the toilet of the train, because I was hiding from the guy who was checking to see if you have your ticket or not,” he said. Fortunately, his pitch caught the attention of a venture capitalist, and within 2 years they successfully managed to build and exit 2 online businesses.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Female Comedian/Compere, Chigul Shares Her Inspiring Story

Meet Chioma Omeruah Aka Chigul, Nigerian female comedian and compere who speaks French, Hausa, Spanish, English and Igbo. In a  recent TedTalk, Chioma shares about failing many times and finally finding her passion.

She closes her talk with Chigul's rendition of one of her songs, " I am not gonna be a waste". Others are hustling, you are are are a waste...funny but clearly passes across the message.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

9jaflave Soliloquy - What Do You Have and Don't Know How To Use

Welcome to the year 2015 and I pray and hope that it will be a fulfilling year for all of us. As we sit and reflect on our lives, I believe one thing utmost on our minds will be purposeful living. It all actually begins with self discovery and looking deep within ourselves. In everyone of us lies greatness, but it is now our responsibility to call it out from within. What do you have within you and don't know how to use. It is time for some soul searching..........

I am taking you back to one of our posts from last year where Motivational speaker, Fela Durotoye said, "It is not what you lack that will slow you down, it's what you have and don’t know how to use." Go here to read again and see excerpt below. Happy reading and be inspired for action.

What God told me was that its not what you lack that will slow you down, its what you have and don’t know how to use
I gave out everything I owed when God actually told me to go and set up a Christian Lifestyle and Entertainment Mission life in Osun State and to leave the consulting job that I had. After that he gave me revelation to go start my own company. I laughed when God gave me this revelation because how can one start a company without having a desk or table at least. I didn't even have an office; but God told me two things I ll never forget, he said you don’t need what you don’t have to get what I want to give you. If you don’t have it you don’t need it.

Happy New Year To You

Happy New Year and welcome to the Year 2015!!!!!!!!

May God fill us with more wisdom and may he open our hearts to love unconditionally.
May the year be filled with pleasant surprises and untold blessings

May we have the courage to pursue our dreams and take right actions
May we accomplish great things and find fulfilment.
May 2015 be a worthy year and one to always remember.

Happy New Year Once again. Be inspired and stay inspired. XOXO