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Monday, 15 December 2014

Young Female Entrepreneur Who Quit Her Accounting Job To Follow Her Passion

Meet Gloria Ihekauche, a young budding entrepreneur, who runs a beauty house named Liora. She is a make-up artist with big dreams and a huge passion to stand out in her chosen field. In a recent Tribune interview, she opened up about quitting her accounting job to follow her dream. Read excerpts below:

How did you discover your passion for making people more beautiful?I have always loved looking good, the slogan looking good is good business has always stuck with me. I grew up with a passion to build a career in fashion, although I had no specifics at the time but I used to draw and make sketches and I have always been drawn to beautiful faces. 

So, when I was done with school and had the opportunity to make my life choices, I decided to start my journey into building my fashion empire and with the most accessible avenue, I had to go through a make-up school. I was taught at the make-up school that make-up was also an art and a door into so much more in the world of fashion and style. Every day, I learnt more at the school, my passion for it grew and now, I am super sure I am where I have always wanted to be.

When you ventured into make-up professionally, was there any challenge?When I started professionally, I did have my fair share of challenges. First was my job which demanded so much of my time. It was difficult combining my job with attending make up classes.

How were you able to combine both?What I did was to get a night shift from work. Somehow, I was able to convince them to let me do that with the excuse I was undergoing an important course. I did that for 3 months, I worked at night and schooled at mornings before I eventually left the job. I was living under N10, 000 because I was paying for my classes and buying my tools.

So, your starting capital was basically N10, 000?Yes. I started buying my tools with N10, 000, which I was left with out of my salary, after paying for my make-up classes.

At what point did you decide to leave accounting for make-up artistry?It was at the point when I started struggling with my passion and the job. I knew I wanted to be out there, not just sitting in an office and running data, which I knew nothing about. So, one day I walked out of my office and never returned. It was so intense I didn't even take my calls then because I did not want anyone to convince me of the bad decision I might be making. It was my choice to make and my cross to bear. So I went off line and off reach for a while, well basically because it was a scary one for me, I had wondered how I would cope if it didn't work.

How did you come about doing make-up for music video shoot?A few days after I left my job, I got a call from a friend of mine who asked if I would love to be the make-up artist for a video shoot coming up in Ibadan. It was my perfect timing. It was a music video for an artiste Smoothkiss, and the title of the song was Dalubole. I did the make-up for the girls in the video and touch-up for Smoothkiss. About 10 girls were in the video and I did all their make-up.

That must be a lot of money…(Laughs) It was not so much but was not a bad offer either. It was a great opportunity. I saw the video on YouTube later on and was pleased how well my work turned out. That is all the satisfaction I wanted. As an entrepreneur, the love for my job comes first before the money, because money will always come but I am all about building myself for where I want to see myself.

Words of advice for other young and budding entrepreneurs?Giving up is not an option! Be persistent and never quit. If you love what you do, you will be successful at it and of course let your reputation for being passionate about your work speak for you. So stay focused, keep the right attitude and work hard.

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