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Saturday, 15 November 2014

The World's Oldest Seamstress Who Sews 1 Dress Everyday For Charity

Meet Lillian Weber, the world's oldest seamstress. She is 99 and still sews a dress by hand everyday. The inspiring part of her story is that, these dresses with all the effort put into making them are not for sale, rather they are shipped halfway round the world to less privileged kids. "I feel like I've just been so blessed to be able to help somebody," she tells Yahoo DIY. "It helps me mentally to know I'm helping these little girls."

This great-grandmother from Bettendorf, Iowa, first learned to sew  91 years ago, when she was just 8 years old. And for the last 8 years, Weber has been quietly sewing the tiny dresses by hand and adding them to a batch made by other local senior citizens for Little Dresses for Africa, a Christian non-profit that delivers the frocks to little girls in African nations, often via missions.

After a local news station ran a story on her in August, her celebrity status snowballed as she began to get national media coverage.  "I didn't even know about her until then. She never put her name on her dresses. She was just sewing and sending them through," says Rachel O'Neill, who founded Little Dresses for Africa in 2008. "Her dresses are all really unique in their own way, with a little embroidery or a pocket or something special. They're always perfect. She's very exact. You'd never know they're made by a woman of her age."

The exact same dresses Lillian held in the above photo on four girls in Malawi.(Photo: Little Dresses for Africa)
Source - Yahoo

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