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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Reading House - Africa's 1st Educational Reality TV Show For Children

Africa's 1st Educational Reality TV Show For Children 'The READING HOUSE' is set to change the tone of reality TV shows, this time around with a focus on building young minds through reading.

The Reading House is a TV reality program that is designed to excellently cultivate, improve and sustain the reading culture in the African child. It is a search for the reader of the year within the age range of 6-12. The project will attract, entice and challenge every African child to awaken the reader in him / her.

As an entertaining, educating and informing TV program, the project will improve their vocabularies and speech proficiency. The project is created to improve the overall results from our schools as pupils and students will understand the benefits of reading thus enhancing their level of their assimilation and intellectual ability. The READING HOUSE project is set to birth a new generation of future leaders in Africa. Go here to register.

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