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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Patrick Obahiagbon's Take On The Recent National Assembly Drama

Just about 2 days ago, there was pandemonium at the National Assembly in Abuja, after policemen prevented house Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal and other lawmakers’ from gaining access into the House of Representatives complex.

To the surprise of many, our lawmakers who refused to be locked out, decided to scale the locked gate with many cheering them on below. While many have continued to condemn the police's actions, Chief of staff to the Edo State Governor, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon reacted to event via social media in his usual complex choice of grammar. Read below:

"The Presidential invasion of the National Assembly which was unscrupulously executed by its pursuivant inspector general of police had all the trappings of an entebbe raid and executive rascality which is deservable of an acidic excoriation and corrosive pummeling.The impeachment gambit is however a frankeinstous yoyo with a potency for an erebus prone whirligig."

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