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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Nigeria's 1st Female Taxi Driver Aisha Umar's Advice To Young African Ladies

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Meet Aisha Umar, Nigeria's 1st female Taxi driver, who is a mother of 2 kids and presently pursuing a degree in English and French Language. After her marriage failed and she was left with catering for her children, this young mother tried her hands at different businesses but eventually settled for taxi driving when her customers kept on owing her. Her eyes were opened to the opportunities in driving a cab after casually dropping different people off on a particular day.
She has continued to forge on since 2007 with lots of determination and hard-work, and is now a great source of inspiration to many women. She pays her bills and is able to cater for her children conveniently. To young African ladies she says; “I would advise young ladies who are jobless to pick up whatever good trade they can lay their hands on than just sitting down and waiting for help from somebody. You have to be content and hard-working in life; it gives me great pleasure to spend from my sweat and not having to beg and compromise.
I tell you, there is no job that is specifically reserved for the menfolk, pride should be taken out from our dictionary because this life is too short to begin to do whatever you like, you have to be positive and do the right things; you have to believe in yourself first before expecting others to believe in you.”

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