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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Female 1st Class Civil Engineering Graduate - 'I Made Up My Mind To Graduate With a 1st Class'

Meet Adepoju Peace, the 21 year old female 1st class graduate of Civil engineering. She was one of the first class graduates from the Civil Engineering Department of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, in the 2013/2014 academic session. She said she made up her to graduate with a 1st class when she got into school, and she did with a 4.54 CGPA.

Adepoju's story serves as an inspiration to young people out there, showing the importance of setting goals, working towards achieving them and the need to stay focused. Read excerpts of her interview with The Punch below:

Why did you choose to study Civil Engineering and not any other field of engineering?
I loved Maths and Physics right from the beginning. Maths was my best subject and Technical Drawing was a subject I also enjoyed doing. So, putting all those together made me go for civil engineering. But of course, I later realised that civil engineering wasn’t just about Mathematics and Technical Drawing, nevertheless, it was a good choice for me.

How easy was it to graduate with a first class?
It was stressful. It required devoting a lot of time to your studies and having to forgo certain things that would have been interesting. It was by God’s grace, divine strength and good health. His grace was constantly sufficient for me. Also, it didn't come as a surprise because right from my first day in 100L, I made up my mind to graduate with a first class, behave well in school and make my parents proud of me. So that was a target I set for myself and I worked towards it. Like I said, it was stressful and it also involved a lot of mind stress. Now, it feels good and fulfilling. The joy of having achieved a major goal in life knows no bounds.

You mentioned taking some decisions that helped you in your studies, did anyone or anything influence such?
Yes, I had a long talk about setting goals with my first roommate during my first night in school, which played a great role in making that decision. She was also a fresh student but the talk was an extensive one that bore fruits. Then, my background made it easy for me to adapt to all the rules and regulations in school and it helped me to be focused on my studies. I wasn’t going to disappoint my parents or the entire family.

Are you a genius or you were a product of hard work?
I am a product of God’s grace and hard work. I had a goal that I had set for myself since 100 L, so I didn’t need promptings to take my studies seriously. Beyond hard work, I did a lot of overnight reading, getting extra textbooks to have better understanding on each course aside the lecture notes, having tutorials and reading every part of the course many times over.

What was your typical day like as an undergraduate?
My movement revolved around class, cafeteria and then hostel. I slept for about six hours daily and I set two hours aside for studying and the two hours were outside my lectures. Furthermore, I set daily targets for myself, especially for assignments. However, I was involved in some other school activities. I was a member of the choir and I became the welfare secretary for my department in 300 Level. So, I had a life apart from reading. In fact, I used to hang out with friends occasionally but I remained focused.

What challenge(s) did you face in school?
The main challenge I had was how to overcome the urge of always desiring to watch movies. So, I spent my leisure watching movies.

Considering your age, how did you handle peer pressure from friends?
The main thing is to be focused, once that is settled, every other thing that is not leading to my goal barely mattered. I had friends, including males but I ignored some in situations when I had to, and nobody took advantage of my age, not to my face anyway.

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