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Friday, 28 November 2014

9jaflave Soliloquy - Life Lessons From The Movie Courageous

“To courageously step up and do whatever it takes to be involved in the lives of your children.”
From the movie COURAGEOUS

A beautiful movie filled with great insight and deep truths, which I believe is a must watch for every father and parent and family. Here are few life lessons I picked up from this beautiful movie.

- Make every moment count as a parent. Most times those moments, hugs, kisses, special time, tickles, dances, laughter can never be recaptured. You never get them back once you miss them.

- Your words and actions count as a parent. Never say something and do another thing. Integrity is the rule of the game.

- Treat each moment as priceless with your children.

- Much more than providing for your kids as their father, set true standards that they can follow.

- Walk with your kids and be a visual representation of our heavenly father.

- The souls of your children have eternal value so you choose to nurture it or destroy it.

- Any fool can have a child. Being a father is taking full responsibility.

So as a father, mother and parent, think, ponder and make wise choices. I leave you with this inspired thought. “Being a parent is the world’s greatest job. You have been entrusted not just with equipments, people or an organization. A life and destiny has been committed to you, how that life turns out has a lot to do with your vision and the price you are willing to pay to make it happen.” Fijab
Also make sure you see the movie- COURAGEOUS. XOXO

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