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Monday, 6 October 2014

The Female Double Amputee Who is Now a Model

Lizzy Holmes is a double amputee who has just launched her modelling career. Lizzy who is 24 years old was born with a condition known as 'club foot' , meaning both her feet were back to front and has suffered a lifetime of chronic pain which forced her to amputate her legs. Her first leg was amputated below the knee the day after her wedding to soldier Lewis Georgeson

She added: 'At times in my life the pain had gotten to the point were I wanted to chop my own legs off and in the end I had to see a psychologist to try and change the thought process. From the age of seven I knew as soon as I could I would have my legs amputated'. Now her other leg has been amputated and that hasn't stopped her launching a modelling career.

Lizzy has now signed with a modelling agency and is their only double amputee model. She was signed up on the strength of just one picture. She already has a photo-shoot booked. 'I can't wait to do some modelling, it will be brilliant,' she said. 'I am not embarrassed about my legs.' Lizzy trained as a nurse for 2 years but had to quit due to the heavy lifting required for some parts of the work. As well as her modelling, she is now studying with the Open University to become a primary school teacher.

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